The beginning of my nightmare started when I was diagnosed with Sciatica. I was prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxers. They made me very sick and did nothing to alleviate my pain. Next, I was scheduled for an MRI. I was unable to remain stable and still long enough for results due to severe muscle spasms. Afterwards, I was referred to a specialized medical facility for an injection to see if that would help alleviate the pain. Again, the injection did nothing. I asked the receptionist, "What else can I try or do"? She said, "I am sorry I really don't know". At that point I was beyond despair. I was no longer a functioning person at work or at my home. My leg had even given way on me two times leaving me flat on my back on the road. I was not able to get myself up without help. Fortunately, a neighbor was nearby and helped me. I was in such a great deal of pain that I could not stand up straight and I pretty much dragged my right leg in order to get around. My leg was beginning to get atrophy from not being able to use it. I am only in my 5o's and was not yet ready to give up on life, but at that point and time the quality of my life did not seem worth living for. One of my son's friends could see that I was suffering terribly with my pain and he knew from his own personal experience that I might be able to get some relief. He highly recommended his chiropractor, Dr. Murrin. After some visits and a short period of time, I was able to stand straight and walk without dragging my leg. I have lost the scowl on my face caused by the intense pain and nausea. I am even back to walking on the beach and exercising. I am now enjoying life to the fullest again!!! I thank you Dr. Murrin for bringing me back to life and returning the quality of life back to me.

True professionals amazing results. As a former collegiate athlete, I suffered from chronic back and neck pain for many years. One day I had enough of feeling this way and went to see my Dr Murrin. Literally within a week I began to feel better, within two weeks my pain was gone, and within a month I was back to playing sports. Now all that I need is a little chiropractic maintenance every once in a while. I can't thank Dr. Murrin and his staff enough for getting me back to doing things that I love!

I'm a woman in my mid/late 50s and I have always been active. For the last three months my life has changed dramatically due to severe, excruciating back spasms. These spasms got to the point that I could barely breathe at times or lay on my back, cough or sneeze without pain. My husband recommended I go see Dr. Murrin; my initial thought was "no way". I had never been to a Chiropractor and I was not about to start. To be frank, I'm not a person who is prone to see a doctor; I much rather stay away (no offense Dr. Murrin) but my back spasms and pain was not going anywhere...so I decided to give Dr. Murrin a try. I have been seeing Dr. Murrin for about 4 weeks and already I can tell a difference. My spasm attacks has reduced. I still have a way to go but I am confident that Dr. Murrin and I are on the right path and he will help me get my life back. I would not drive 25 miles from Summerville to Mt. Pleasant for my appointments if I did not see an improvement and know that I will be pain free. As such, I can sincerely recommend Dr. Murrin. He is totally committed to my care and keeps me educated on my progress. Last but not least I want to praise his staff; they are extremely friendly, always welcoming with a smile, and always in tune and helpful with whatever state I am in during my visits. Thank you all!

I was in an automobile accident that pretty significantly damaged my spine. I went through a lot of treatment with traditional doctors – orthopedic, etc – they were no help. I went to a chiropractor and found relief for the first time, and have been going to chiropractors ever since. The thing I like about Dr. Murrin is that he really understands structures of the body and he can explain what he’s doing to you in “layman’s terms”, and in a way that helps you understand things you need to do to make sure you stay healthy. So, thanks Dr. Murrin – you’ll continue to see me!

I started coming to Dr. Matt because he saw my mother and I was very impressed with that appointment and thought I should try it and see if there was anything going on with my spine. Come to find out, there definitely was. We started on a regiment of 3 times a week and that was back in April. I recently traveled a 9- hour trip to Florida for Thanksgiving and had ZERO back pain—no Aleve before OR after—and it was just awesome! He really helps.

I had been having pain in my right hip and it extended down into my knee and into my foot, and was almost unbearable. I had thought about trying chiropractic and when that hit, I said, “Okay, this is it, I’m going!” I never ever thought I would come to a chiropractor, but I’m absolutely sold….because now I can get in my car without pain in my knee and hip. And other parts of my body are also benefitting. My posture has been awful since I was a little child, and the pain from that has come and gone, but it’s much, much better now.

My name is Devin Moynihan, and I started seeing Dr. Murrin about 2 months ago. I had severe pain in my neck and lower back. I started the process and have been feeling progressively better, so I’m thankful for that. It’s always a step-by-step process but I am feeling much better now and I appreciate everything he’s done for me.

I’ve been doing chiropractic for years. I had a severe stomach problem, and I came into Dr. Murrin’s and explained what was going on. He adjusted me, and said I should feel better in about 30 minutes. In 40 minutes I was fine, and I haven’t had a problem with that since. Thanks, Dr. Murrin!